Nouveau patch pour Vietcong

16 nov. 2003

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Vietcong (dont vous pouvez trouver le test ici) dispose d'un nouveau patch qui améliore notamment l'éditeur de niveaux.

  • Support for the new HradBa Anti-cheat, HradBa is included in the installation.
  • Several cheats blocked or detected by the Game Engine, the rest of the known cheats are stopped by HradBa
  • Support for user-created maps from the MP Editor, includes client download of the map from the game server (can be tuned by the server admin).
  • Anti-kangaroo feature. Player can jump 3 times and then has to wait sometime before the next jump. But if the player jumps up on some obstacle, he can jump as long as he is continuously gaining height ( so there is no problem getting to higher places by jumping).
  • Support for texts and sounds binding on any key in Multi-player. For more information please see file user\mp_bindkeys.txt that is created when the game v1.40 runs for the first time.
  • TT ( TurnTable) game type is added to Stream, Storm and Bahnar levels.
  • New marks on the map in player's hands - showing various gametype related objects ( flags in CTF, RW and TT, LandingZone in ATG-pilot, Place for bomb in ATG-bombing).
  • A lot of smaller improvements and bug fixes ( weapons choosing bug fixed, permanent ban list, getting stuck when jumping off the ladder fixed, co-op difficulty settings added, possibility to disable voting from server settings).