Borderzone, doit faire ses preuves

11 déc. 2004

Écrit par UnexpectedGuest

Borderzone, ça a le même look vieillot qu'un MMORPG tout juste sorti, mais pas de chance, c'est du solo. Puisque le frisson ne viendra donc pas de l'oeil, voyons si notre cortex, ultime centre des plaisirs, sera aux anges en fleurtant avec Borderzone. Bon, on est en 9000 après l'ami JC, on vient de passer quelques décénies sous terre parce que là haut, ça bardait dur. Et le jour où on ressort le nez, c'est pour se trouver face à face avec des créatures dotées de sales pouvoirs, et aussi aimables qu'une belle mère à qui on vient de refuser pour la troisième fois de suite une présence passive à l'incontournable repas dominical. C'est mal barré hein ? C'est pas fini, on a perdu toutes nos connaissances dans nos grottes, et on doit tout réapprendre, et du coup utiliser la science qu'on redécouvre pour vaincre les vilains.

Bon, on n'a pas le cortex franchement en ébulition là ... Reste à savoir si les millions d'armes, de sorts, de monstres et de quêtes diverses sauront nous prouver que nous avions tord. Par contre, pour le repas chez belle-maman, y'a pas photo, c'est tout vu. Assez maugréé, place aux images.

What awaits mankind in 9,000 AD? Has the earth and its inhabitants flourished and evolved or regressed into despair? You'll find the answers to humanity's fate in the thrilling new role-playing game, Borderzone.

Borderzone is a combat oriented game, combining elements of role-play and action. Players assume the role of Olaf, one of the few remaining humans on the planet Terra. Having to leave the safety of their outpost, gamers venture on quests and into battle, running up to five characters simultaneously and amassing weapons, skills and magic. The action and strategy of the non-linear plot unfolds in a pseudo-turn based format, leading explorers to various endings depending on which paths they choose.

On the planet Terra the past and the future have blurred. By night, Selena and Deya gleam in the sky and by day, Sollar illuminates the arid planet - laid to waste by the effects of the great Collapse.

The tales of the great catastrophe, The Collapse, have been passed down for generations, although the details have faded. Most of the elders speak of a time, six or seven thousand years ago, when people possessed unprecedented power over Nature with an ancient, now forgotten, witchcraft known as "Science". They tell tales of when men could fly in the air, swim under water and even traveled to Selena, feats only the most rare magicians on Terra can still perform. The gods of ancient times grew angry and could no longer stand man's arrogance - and so came the Collapse - mankind's "Science" was turned against them and as a result 5 billion people perished. When the devastation subsided the few survivors huddled together, in isolated enclaves, dotted across the remains of the planet.

In time, however, the last of the humans ventured out again, only to discover that they were no longer alone. They found themselves sharing Terra with as many as 10 new races, all possessing "Mind". Though the landscape and its inhabitants had changed, human nature remained the same, and soon people began to compete with the new species. Evolution took on a new form as the people modified and under went "Modis".

People searched for resources, weapons and new forms of domination. They even researched the magicians#8217; old ways of "Science" and began to learn how entire creatures could be grown from a drop of blood. The studied the clues of "Domain" or "Kin Memory", to see how witchcraft influences people, to understand how a man who is a strong soldier, more than likely had a father or grandfather who was a great warrior as well.

So now, in 9,000 AD the humans try to rise again, not only taking the lessons from their dilapidated past, but also facing the challenges of the planet Terra and its newest inhabitants.

The action begins in Taria, the northern province of Kammir, where the local system of chronology records the year as 3285. Players assume the role of Olaf, a 20 years old inhabitant of the farthest boundary post of Kammir, the Northern Fort.

Player can generate the type of character the hero is, choosing from a thief, a magician or a soldier. Five characters can be controlled simultaneously, but others, including mercenaries, can join a party, with teams of up to 10. The characters' attributes can be divided into several categories: state, skills, degree of protection, and level of weaponry (cold steel weapons, magic, etc.).

The races in the game are divided into groups, classes and professions including various monsters, underdeveloped races, the undead and outer plane creatures.

Each player will be able to use several different types of weapons and will be supplied with a quick weapon access mode. There are more than 80 types of cold steel weapons and 10 kinds of darts. Magicians will have the ability to bind paralytic, blinding, electrocharge and various types of attack and defense spells.

The game is controlled with a mouse and reassignable function keyboard keys.

The quests commence and battles unfold as players develop teams with various skills, armament and magic.

* 3D action with real time effects
* Inventive gameplay characteristics involving challenging battles
* Features various tasks within each alternative destination of choice
* Contemporary game engine with powerful and imaginative graphics
* Up to 10 characters available on the quest
* Hundreds of upgradeable weapons