Spellforce s'améliore

05 déc. 2003

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SpellForce (qui se retrouvera en test bientôt) dispose d'un nouveau patch corrigeant notamment un problème de sauvegarde assez pénible et quelques bugs rares mais tout aussi gênants puisqu'ils faisaient systématiquement planter le jeu.

  • When the player wants to learn the spell "Magic of Boons", the game crashes. This has been fixed.
  • At times it was possible that savegames lead to a system-crash during the loading process or when you changed maps after loading a savegame. Now, these savegames run again.
  • In some cases, when the game crashes, the file logconsole.des could be corrupt. Then the game will crash again the next time you start the game. After patch 1.03, a corrupt logconsole.des file will not lead to additional crashes.
  • Till now, there was no check in multiplayer mode, to make sure the players were all using the same version of the program. When running different versions, the only message that endlessly appeared, read "Please wait", and appeared after the host started the game. From patch 1.03 on, an error message will appear.
  • The side quest Stonecrusher tended to fail: The dwarf did not demolish the stone blocks. Now, the stone blocks are demolished every time (and retroactively).