Codemasters annonce Colombian Crackdown

03 avr. 2002

Écrit par Grigann

Vu que le communiqué de presse date du 2 avril, il semblerait que ce ne soit pas un poisson d'avril en retard, même si ça y ressemble pas mal. Codemasters, éditeur du hit Operation Flashpoint, repart à l'assaut du monde du FPS, en tant que développeur, pour "totalement réinventer le genre FPS devenu si prévisible" (sic). Et le titre de cette "révolution" sera donc Shoot to Kill: Colombian Crackdown, où l'on plongera dans l'enfer de la drogue en Colombie en tant qu'agent de la DEA.
En clair on va certainement dessouder du vilain sud-américain à moustache avec un beau badge "I love the United States". Bref, pour le communiqué de presse empreint de modestie, c'est derrière le lien...

Codemasters to Blow Away FPS Market with Shoot to Kill: Colombian Crackdown

New York, NY - April 2, 2002 - Codemasters is set to shake up the first-person shooter action genre with its upcoming Shoot to Kill: Colombian Crackdown. The game is being designed for the PC and next-generation console systems with development being spearheaded by Gavin Raeburn, Head of Juice Studio at Codemasters. Additional revolutionary features will be announced in a future release.

Shoot to Kill: Colombian Crackdown has a deep and gripping plot of deception, betrayal and revenge, coupled with intense and refined gameplay. With a modern-day setting, the game plunges players deep into Colombia's drug underworld as Drug Enforcement Administration Officers. The experience charges players with uncovering and bringing to justice, individuals and gangs involved in the trade and trafficking of cocaine.

"The first-person shooter market really needs an arse kicking, as game developers seem complacent with first-person shooter games, relying on better graphics and broadband gameplay to spice up aging dinosaurs" said Raeburn. "Message boards are full of criticism for over-hyped FPSs that simply don't take the genre any further. We intend to totally reinvent the clichéd first-person shooter and move it forward to deliver a fresh gameplay experience that shows gamers what they've been missing for years."

The development studio is currently winning acclaim for its evolution of the racing game market with Pro Race Driver, a "carPG" which brings a gripping narrative and plot to a realistic, license-based racing title. For this new project, Raeburn has assembled an additional team in his studio, located at Codemasters' Warwickshire HQ, with a mix of experienced developers and fresh talent.

"We're looking to bring a new aspect to the genre through the use of revolutionary AI and physics systems," continued Raeburn. "Essentially, we aim to do for the action/shooter market what the new Pro Race Driver and Colin McRae Rally 3 games are very successfully doing for the racing genre."