Mystery of The Druids: images

02 juil. 2001

Écrit par Netsabes

The Mystery of The Druids est un Myst-like édité par CDV Software (Sudden Strike & co), mais disposant de personnages en 3D. La démo est déjà disponible depuis plus d'un mois (hop, par ici), mais peu d'infos circulent sur le jeu. Vous trouverez après le lien "En savoir plus" un communiqué de presse (en anglais) annonçant que le jeu est désormais destiné, du fait de son contenu, à des joueurs matures (ceci dit, les Myst-like sont rarement destinés aux gamins, tout de même) ainsi que 4 nouvelles images du jeu (attention, c'est pas très beau).

Content within The Mystery of the Druids Prompts Rating Re-Think

Following advice from the European Leisure Software Publishers' Association (ELSPA), CDV Software has confirmed that its forthcoming adventure title, The Mystery of the Druids, is to be restricted to more mature gamers.

Although not overtly gory, the game does contain some scenes and imagery which may prove disturbing to a younger audience. These sections are mainly fleeting – and more implied than graphic – yet the content has been considered mature enough to be earmarked for an ELSPA '15+' rating. In the US, the age rating is likely to be an 'M' – for mature audiences only.

“Whilst there is no Resident Evil-style violence within The Mystery of the Druids, as the plot unfolds there are moments which are genuinely shocking,” says Leo Zullo, UK Marketing Manager, CDV Software. “We've discussed the matter with ELSPA and feel it is important to clarify this – especially as most point and click adventures tend to be rated much lower. The Mystery of The Druids will appeal to those who like their adventures deep, involving and with the occasional laugh – and definitely not those with a sensitive disposition.”

Developed by German-based House of Tales – a team of coders who formed specifically to further the adventure game genre – The Mystery of the Druids is a point and click adventure unlike any other. Combining real-world locations with a dark and sinister plot, its unique look, feel and high production values take the genre further than ever before.

The Mystery of the Druids weaves real-world locations with a dark and sinister plot and sees players exploring Scotland Yard, Epping Forest and Stonehenge, among many others, in a bid to expose the horror behind the Druid's plan. Human sacrifice and a treachery play a large part of the adventure – ensuring this is no game for the faint-hearted.

Recently released to huge acclaim in Germany, Mystery of the Druids is currently being fully localised, and will be released in the UK and US on September 14th.

Features at a glance:

[li]Classic point-and-click-adventure game
[li]3D polygonal characters with up to 1,000 polygons
[li]Hi-resolution pre-rendered backgrounds taken from UK locations
[li]Dolby Surround Sound
[li]More than 20 NPCs for conversation and interaction
[li]54 different locations
[li]More than 360 interactive scenes
[li]More than five hours of voice-overs
[li]Non-linear dialogues and gameplay
[li]Realistic lip synch dialogues
[li]An extensive soundtrack, mixed in real time