Rune: patch bientôt

03 mars 2001

Écrit par Netsabes

Le prochain patch pour Rune devrait sortir bientôt, puisque le patch en lui-même est pratiquement terminé et que le travail se porte maintenant sur sa stabilité et son nombre de bugs, a annoncé Chris Rhinehart, de HumanHead. La liste des changements et ajouts d'ores et déjà annoncés juste après le lien.

- ModMenu (thanks to Rus 'Nurial' Clark for this)
- GameType list in Multiplayer Join Menu
- Shields block thrown weapons
- Attacking can block a thrown weapon
- Climbing out of water retrieves previously stowed weapon automatically
- SarkRagnar added back to the multiplayer select screen (cheating problems fixed)
- New female model, Jun.
- SubstituteMesh system which will make adding new meshes much easier (more on this later when the patch is released)
- Player can shield defend much faster
- Added functionality to allow head to operate like other weapons (in that you can pick them up after first bounce)
- Limb severing can now be enabled/disabled

- Powerups don't affect players in NeutralZones
- Avalanche doesn't do any damage bug
- Empathy versus Empathy infinite recursion bug
- Fixed infinite spirit powerup cheat
- Fixed infinite bloodlust cheat
- TrialPit slowdown bug
- Large Sark arms when chopped off in multiplayer
- TownRagnar and ShipWreckRagnar start now with proper health levels
- Taunt while selecting items bug
- Dropping MagicShield bug
- Draw weapons while going underwater
- Can't break shields in neutralzones
- Don't hurt teammates shields, in team DM
- ReadSCM problem in Win98 [for importing skeletal meshes]
- Fixed team deathmatch startspot bug
- SarkConrack arm chop bug

- Lighting attack - Does less damage, doesn't last quite as long
- TrialPitMace - Powerup does less damage, doesn't last as long
- EarthAttack - Powerup doesn't last as long
- DwarfBattleSword - Powerup doesn't last as long
- GoblinAxe - Powerup doesn't last as long
- RuneOfStrengthRefill - Gives you more bloodlust (50%)."