Patch 1.05b pour Europa 1400 version française

23 sept. 2003

Écrit par Grigann

Dire que la sortie française de Europa 1400 a été catastrophique serait un euphémisme. Le jeu de stratégie/gestion historique des allemands de 4Head Studios était en effet buggué jusqu'à la moelle de ses octets, forçant Nobilis, son distributeur français, a rappelé les versions du commerce pour les remplacer par des versions jouables. Les quelques courageux qui s'étaient laissé tenter par ces premières versions alpha peuvent enfin espérer y jouer : le patch français est enfin là, et il corrige une tripotée de bugs. Espérons que cette fois, vous allez pouvoir vous amuser...

EUROPA 1400 - The guild Fix-List, Patch 1.05 beta-2

Bugs & Crashes:
- the task switch was removed because of serious errors
- several reasons for crashes in the early game are solved
- several reasons for crashes in the progressive game (beginning in 1500) are
- creating a character the presented names were <nom> and <prenom>
- goods could not be taken or used in the inventory with a single mouse click
- during a duel one of the rivals did not face his opponent and therefore
wasn't able to act
- when picking pockets the thief could take more money than the character owned
- when the master of the guild tried to upgrade the guild house without having
money, it resulted in a crash
- other towns on the far trader's map could not be seen any more
- old screenshots were overwriten with newer ones
- opening a message while being at the townhall in the book "financal laws" a
wrong text was displayed
- when right clicking on an investigated building in the information paper in
the thieves' guild a wrong text was displayed
- being at the thieves's guild, the robber's castle or the guardhouse carriages
could be bought via the transport button in the town display without having a
warehouse. this often caused a crash
- adepts in the player's companies didn't get salary. this caused in a bad
relationship between player and master
- adepts in the player's companies didn't get their piece of a bonus. this
caused in a bad relationship between player and master
- there was no message that there was not enough money to be able to buy a
certain building

- there often occured similar or equal random events